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Building a Leadership Competency Model

It is important to identify and gauge the level of leadership competencies which are required to drive your business strategy.

Our programs help you determine the critical qualities required for success. The objective is to promote leadership behaviour in line with these skills and recruit and develop next generation leaders who will drive your business to win in the marketplace.

The Need

Organizations who apply a competency model, seek to:

  • Improve the success rate of external recruitment and succession planning. You will have a sharper understanding of your leaders as well as a deeper appreciation of the capabilities that may be required to take a business forward.
  • Focus development activities around key behaviours and skills that will help the business succeed in the future.
  • Send clear messages to individuals and teams regarding what leadership behaviours are really important to the business and how these are aligned to the overall strategic direction.

The Process

An effective competency model should reflect the strategic goals of the business.

Our process for developing leadership competencies include:

  • focused discussions with select senior executives:
    • challenges facing the organization
    • leadership attributes that have proven to be successful
    • new skills that are required to take the organization forward
  • define key competencies required of leaders
  • disseminate leadership imperatives to a pool of executives to determine alignment and concensus
  • develop a clear consensus, creating a common language for discussion
  • encourage buy-in and empowerment

The Outcome

Mapping managerial and leadership competencies brings organizations the following benefits:

  • An understanding of key leadership skills required for success
  • An objective, independent appraisal of leadership skills 
  • Enhanced recruitment and succession planning
  • An opportunity for leaders and senior executives to consider their development in the light of emerging business requirements
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