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Executive Coaching

It should be no surprise that coaching is the method of choice to help the best get better.

We offer customized programs which enhance your organizations leadership capabilities and foster the development of management and senior executives. 

We look for a three way partnership between coach, coachee and organization for a clear alignment of coaching goals.

The Need

As an individual, you benefit from coaching when:

  • changes in business strategy require new ways of working;
  • you need to adapt or to prepare for a new role;
  • you experience difficulty in performance but are unclear about how to change;
  • you are at a stage in your career when you want to revisit your own personal motivations and goals.

As an organization, you benefit from coaching when:

  • your strategic goals require changes in leadership capability or behaviour;
  • your management team has increased complexity and leadership capabilities need to be enhanced.  These skills may include influence and impact, stakeholder relations, strategic accountability, team engagement, executive presence;
  • a 'developmental' culture is required: managers who have a powerful coaching experience begin to coach their own team more effectively.

The Process

For successful coaching, managers strive to:

  • know themselves well
  • internalize the importance of change
  • know what to do in order to embrace change
  • accept and seek the support they need
  • recognize how to maximize their strengths

As a Coach our role is that of a:

  • source of expertise
  • in-depth assessor and a provider of accurate and honest feedback

Our emphasis is on long-lasting behaviour change: doing things differently.

The outcome

  • In-depth awareness of yourself; strengths and areas for development
  • A realistic, pragmatic and skill-based action plan for development
  • Developmental learning
  • Results that support your organization's goals
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