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360° Feedback

The power of seeing yourself as others see you.

There are a number of different ways to gather data. Our 360 assessments are completely customizable and link your business strategy to the strengths and development needs of your senior executives.

We have developed a number of different ways of gathering data that allow you to evaluate perspectives and perceptions in a coordinated, constructive way.

The Need

Multi-rater feedback (or 360° feedback) encourages the giving and receiving of feedback from a broad range of colleagues.

This feedback is collated and discussed in depth to encourage enhanced insights into behaviour. It is effective in helping you or your staff gain detailed awareness of their strengths, potential and opportunities for development.

We encourage your organization to:

  • Create and foster an open feedback culture.
  • Establish a baseline level of skills which will provide insights to inform coaching and development interventions.
  • Obtain broader insights into individual managers, to be used alongside other data, as part of a tailored development program.
  • Add 360° Feedback to your existing performance management process.

The Process

Like all powerful tools, multi-rater feedback requires careful handling. We work closely with your team to first establish the areas in which feedback needs to be gathered. Often this is closely aligned to a competency framework which is tied to core business objectives.

  1. Collecting feedback can be administratively complex and time-consuming. Working alongside your organization, we tailor the process to suit your culture, objectives and leadership model.
  2. Processing and analyzing data in a way which preserves confidentiality and anonymity. The process ranges from collecting verbal comments over the telephone to the use of a web-enabled system which can both distribute and collate the feedback via email.
  3. The feedback is collated into a report. The reports are reviewed with each individual in a way which is helpful, challenging and constructive. The result is a high-quality action plan constructed by the individual in consultation with us.
  4. All our feedback processes have text-rich data. In addition, we are able to aggregate data across an organization, which can provide sharp insights into collective strengths and weaknesses. This can be the basis for a range of organization development or training initiatives.

The Outcome

  • Reinforcement of leverageable strengths as well as identification of areas for improvement
  • Developmental needs that are linked to the organization's business strategy
  • Organizational needs are identified across teams and departments to assist with closing the gap between the required skill set and the achievement of business objectives
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