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Talent/Succession Planning

Talent/Succession Planning enables an organization to position itself by building a pipeline of talent that ensures future success.

Together with input from your organization we assess the competencies that your team requires to be successful and meet the needs of the organization.

The Need

There is increasing focus within organizations on identifying, as early as possible, those individuals who have the potential to make significant long-term contributions to the success of the business.

We encourage your organization to:

  • Invest in your high potentials to enable their rapid progression and reinforce retention.
  • Recognize how succession planning can accurately place high potential individuals in roles that maximize strengths and support ongoing development.

The Process

Our model for talent planning is based on our experience over many years of working with highly successful leaders combined with our background and research into the leadership attributes that predict success

The Outcome

  • as a leader, you develop a deeper understanding of unique strengths and areas of opportunity
  • as an organization, you are provided with useful insight when making decisions about employee leadership potential
  • alignment of leadership potential with business strategy ensures that high potential leaders are ready when you need them

Throughout the Talent Planning process,we seek to align the process and profile with the organization's leadership model.

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